Top Restaurants In Shelton, Connecticut

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Want to find a great restaurant to eat food and have a lovely time? You will be left bemused when you look at the number of options in front of you.Shelton is one of those beautiful areas that will mesmerize you not only for the scenery but for the plethora of restaurants that are on offer. You have to figure out which ones are the right fit for you, and this read should assist.Let's take a look at the top options for a person to consider whether going with friends or family.1) IL Continue Reading ...

History Of Ridgefield, Connecticut

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Towns on the East Coast are full of quite a bit of history, and that is very true for a town like Ridgefield. However, the town itself is going to be one of the best things for people to know about. Since people may travel for the historical perspective of a town, they should know about the history of Ridgefield and then they will start to see that this is a town they will want to travel to.The history of Ridgefield starts from the early 1700s as the land for the town was purchased from the Continue Reading ...

Places To Visit In Redding, CT

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When you travel to Redding, you will want to make sure you know some of the things you can do. The problem is in some of the smaller towns in Connecticut you do not know about some of the attractions. This is when you should know about the things you should be visiting when you are in this beautiful region. Then you can finally have a great trip and know it was a very fulfilling trip.Collis P Huntington State Park is a great thing to do and visit. The park is one of two that are the main Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Norwalk, CT

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The town of Norwalk, Connecticut is within a stone's throw from the New York Metropolitan area and has become a magnet for those visitors who want to explore a more relaxed destination where they can throw off the cares and stress of big city life.Coastal Norwalk attracts visitors through a combination of spectacular natural beauty and cultural attractions which make any visit any opportunity to learn more about the rich history of the region.However, the town is also building a reputation Continue Reading ...

History Of Newtown, CT

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Newtown is a town that is bordered on the North by Southbury and Bridgewater and the South by Redding and Easton, on the West by Brookfield and Bethel and of the East by Monroe and Oxford.Newtown consists of:•Dodgingtown•Botsford•Hawleyville•Sandy Hook•BoroughNewtown which was originally named Quanneapague was in 1705 bought from the Pohtatuck Indians. In the year 1708, 36 Englishmen in Connecticut petitioned for a General Assembly and these men became the Continue Reading ...

Places To Visit In New Fairfield, CT

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Fairfield is a very good destination choice when planning a trip to Connecticut. The town is brimming with the amenities that make every trip worthwhile and memorable. For instance, there is a variety of high-quality hotels providing not only high-quality accommodation but also affordable accommodation.However, a trip to New Fairfield cannot be all about the accommodation you have. You should make a point of exploring the town as this will give an opportunity to learn and experience the Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In New Canaan, CT

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Less than 50 miles from New York one finds the tourist friendly hamlet of New Canaan, Connecticut. Not only is this town one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area, but is also boasts a wealth of fine dining destinations, making any trip to the town an experience that gourmands will savor.For those planning a trip to New Canaan here are some of the culinary stops that should be on the itinerary.#1 Elm Restaurant.With some accolades including being names as one of the Continue Reading ...

Discover The History Of Monroe Connecticut

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Learning about any of the cities that are in America can be interesting. However, learning about a city that is in a historical state and location like Monroe can be very exciting. The problem is some people will find the history of these places is boring because they never think about the impact they have made. One of those places that people tend to overlook is Monroe Connecticut. By knowing more about the history of this location, though, the more people will see history is valuable and Continue Reading ...

Places To Visit In Fairfield, CT

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The charming town of Fairfield, Connecticut is a family friendly destination for visitors in search of natural beauty and a wealth of activities for the entire family. With scenic attractions along Long Island Sound this haven from the hustle and bustle of the big city, this is a small town with a big heart.The visitor is offered a range attractions from the exploration of the county's cultural heritage to natural and historical sites, as well opportunities to enjoy some exceptional local Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Easton, CT

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Eating out while in Easton is a great thing to do. However, for a lot of people, they will want to make sure they know they are eating at the best restaurants in the town. When they know this, they will not mind going out to eat and paying some decent money for food. The reason is they are going to get some of the best food around and know it is going to fill them up instead of leaving them hungry.Breakfast is easily the most important meal to eat. However, for a lot of people they tend to Continue Reading ...