History Of Danbury, CT

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Danbury is one of the little Connecticut towns in New York City's orbit that has a history stretching all the way back to the colonial era. While there are plenty of commuters living in Danbury today, it's a diverse town that is more than just a bedroom community, and it still maintains the independent character it developed over the centuries.Revolutionary DaysThe European settlement of Danbury starts in 1685 with a peaceful land purchase from the Pahquioque tribe. The first families Continue Reading ...

Places To Visit In Brookfield, CT

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Brookfield is a lovely town with luscious greenery and breathtaking sights. It is all about finding the right spots and enjoying them to the fullest.What are some of the best places to visit in all of Brookfield? What are the places you must visit at least once?Here are three that should be on your list as you come to Brookfield according to locals.1) Lake LillinonahIt doesn't get better than this. Lake Lillinonah is one of the most beautiful locations in all of Brookfield. With Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Darien, CT

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1) Little Thai Kitchen (4 West Ave)Let's begin with Thai food. This is an exceptional restaurant for those who want cleanliness, quality customer service, and a thorough menu. You will have a wide variety of items that are on offer, and it can be a beautiful sight for those who want to enjoy what they are eating and soak it in.Little Thai Kitchen is one of the prominent options in town and an excellent choice for those who want excellence.It is a good place from the inside and worth Continue Reading ...

History Of Wilton, Connecticut

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Wilton is a small town with a long history that stretches all the way back to the 17th century. Although it's best known today as a highly luxurious bedroom suburb, residents esteem the community's historical roots very highly, and it's a notable early example of historical preservation. The high average income of the town's current residents ensures that local taxes amply fund municipal services.The Colonial EraWilton started off as one of North America's first suburbs. When the first Continue Reading ...

History Of Bridgeport, CT

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Bridgeport is an old and well-established coastal city that lies on the corridor between New York and New Haven. With a lengthy story stretching back into the colonial era and plenty of prospects for continued development in the 21st century, Bridgeport has always been one of Connecticut's largest and most important communities.Pre-Industrial BridgeportBridgeport was first settled by Europeans long before the American Revolution, and native use of the land - primarily by the Paugussett Continue Reading ...

Places To Visit In Bethel, CT

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Bethel is a gorgeous city and one that is often visited by people from around the state. It has a homely feel to it that resonates with most citizens.However, the one thing you are going to ask about is main attractions.What are the places you should-should want to go when it comes to Bethel and all that it has to offer in this day and age? Here is the answer to your question as you look to make things happen in the future as you visit Bethel.1) Sky Zone Trampoline ParkThis is a Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Westport, Connecticut

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Eating dinner out when you are in Westport is something that a lot of people do. However, people need to realize with all the restaurants in Westport it can be very difficult to narrow down the choice of restaurant to eat at. This is when people should know about the top restaurants in Westport to guarantee they are getting the best meal possible when they sit down for dinner or lunch.Bartaco is one of the best places in Westport to get the Mexican style of food that people will want to Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Weston, Connecticut

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Weston is a small yet beautiful city in Connecticut that a little over 10,000 people call home. Are you moving to Connecticut? Maybe you're vacationing in Weston or a nearby city. There are plenty of restaurants within the city limits. Some of them are your run of the average mill places to grab a bite to eat, including fast food restaurants, while others stand out. The following are two of the top restaurants in Weston Connecticut and information you need to know about them.How often do Continue Reading ...

History Of Trumbull, Connecticut

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Traveling to a beautiful area like Trumbull can be exciting, but for some people, they will start to wonder about the history of the region. By knowing about the history of Trumbull, it is going to be easier for people to know if they are going to learn anything in the area or not. With that being the case, here is the history of Trumbull, which is an older town than what a lot of people would consider and older than some of the towns that were established as early as the 1950s in Florida and Continue Reading ...

History Of Stratford, CT

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Stratford, founded in 1639 by Adam Blakeman, a reverend and Puritan leader, along William Beardsley, is a town with a rich history. The first settlers in the area sought religious freedom from England. When first settled, this area was called the plantation of Pequnnocke. The next year, the community changed its name to Cupheag Plantation. Finally, on April 13, 1643, leaders of the town changed its name to Stratford, in honor of Stratford upon Avon, located in England.In the early days, Continue Reading ...