History Of Sherman, CT

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The history of Sherman, Connecticut begins some centuries before the United States existed with settlement by people of the Algonquian lineage, an ethnolinguistic ground that spread across the wider ranges of the northeastern parts of the North American continent. The area proved fruitful enough to establish long-term settlements in the area and for some centuries the area became the Schaghticoke nation, an Algonquian ethnic group that consisted of some tribes, specifically the Potatuck, Continue Reading ...

Places To Visit In Shelton, CT

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Shelton is one of those places that is not very well known, which makes it a hidden gem for people to visit. The problem is since it is not well known there are not a lot of people who are going to go to the locations that are the best attractions. This is when people should know about some of the top gems that are present in Shelton to guarantee they are going to have a great trip to this beautiful city.Wells Hollow Creamery is one of those locations that you are going to really like. As Continue Reading ...

Places To Visit In Ridgefield, CT

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Ridgefield, Connecticut is a place that may not come up on the radar as a destination spot for a lot of people. However, for people who do decide to pay Ridgefield a visit, they are not disappointed. Instead, they are left in amazement as to why this region has not picked up even more in the way of visitors. This is when people should know about the top things to do in Ridgefield before going on their vacation.Keeler Tavern Museum is a location that people will enjoy. This is a museum that Continue Reading ...

Places To Visit In Greenwich, CT

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Traveling to Greenwich Connecticut can be exciting. To make the trip enjoyable, though, people should know some of the places to visit in Greenwich. By knowing about the top three places to visit, the entire trip can be planned out, and it will make it very easy for people to have a great trip in Greenwich and know they are not going to be disappointed in the trip they are making.The Bruce Museum is easily the top choice of what to see and do when people are in Greenwich. This is a museum Continue Reading ...

History Of Redding, Connecticut

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If you are from Redding, Connecticut or you are curious about the area, your best bet would be to delve into its history. Those who have never tried learning historical information about a city might find this complicated, but the following advice will make the entire process simple and efficient.The first thing you should do is head to the library. While there are many people who prefer doing things the technological way, the reality is that old-fashioned research is a great way to yield Continue Reading ...

History Of Norwalk, Connecticut

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The Norwalk, Connecticut area, has a fascinating history that dates back thousands of years. Although the first written records regarding the history of the area don't appear until the 1600s, artifacts show that early men were living in that area thousands of years before settlers arrived.Learning more about the history of this part of Connecticut can give you a better understanding of how the area has changed and evolved over time. The city itself has had major ups and downs regarding Continue Reading ...

History Of New Fairfield, Connecticut

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New Fairfield is located in Fairfield County, Connecticut. This town dates back to pre-colonial times and is filled with interesting history. Continue reading to learn more about this wondrous city and its diverse history.Pre-Colonial TimesBefore the colony settlers settled in the area, this area was home to an alliance of tribes. The tribes extended from the Housatonic River all the way to the sea.Establishment of a TownshipThe General Assembly of the Connecticut Colony Continue Reading ...

History Of New Canaan, Connecticut

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New Canaan was originally established as a religious entity known as Canaan Parish in 1731. It was situated between the northwestern part of Norwalk and the northeastern part of Stamford. The distinction enabled it, residents, to handle their affairs independently from Stamford and Norwalk. Technically, they were regarded as residents of these areas and were still required to serve on juries, vote, and even pay taxes.The residents of New Canaan finally decided to incorporate in the year Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Monroe, Connecticut

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Are you looking for great restaurants in Monroe, Connecticut? If you are, then you've come to the right place. Read on to find out what some of the top restaurants in Monroe, CT, are and then you can head to Monroe and try them out.1. Roberto's Restaurant- Located at 505 Main Street, one of the best restaurants in Monroe is Roberto's Restaurant, which is an Italian restaurant. The restaurant has been in business for over 25 years, and it has a solid reputation of serving amazing food, which Continue Reading ...

Top Restaurants In Fairfield, Connecticut

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Fairfield, Connecticut offers a surprisingly large range of dining options. While diners won't have the same kinds of choices that are available in larger cities, anyone should be able to find an enjoyable and affordable meal.Read on to learn more about some of the top-rated restaurants in the area.Italian FoodWhen it comes to Italian, it's hard to compete with the menu at Liana’s Trattoria. This restaurant offers authentic Italian food crafted by expert chefs. It offers an array Continue Reading ...