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History Of Ridgefield, Connecticut

Posted on: December 17, 2016 by in Ridgefield
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Towns on the East Coast are full of quite a bit of history, and that is very true for a town like Ridgefield. However, the town itself is going to be one of the best things for people to know about. Since people may travel for the historical perspective of a town, they should know about the history of Ridgefield and then they will start to see that this is a town they will want to travel to.The history of Ridgefield starts from the early 1700s as the land for the town was purchased from the Continue Reading ...

Places To Visit In Ridgefield, CT

Posted on: August 5, 2016 by in Ridgefield
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Ridgefield, Connecticut is a place that may not come up on the radar as a destination spot for a lot of people. However, for people who do decide to pay Ridgefield a visit, they are not disappointed. Instead, they are left in amazement as to why this region has not picked up even more in the way of visitors. This is when people should know about the top things to do in Ridgefield before going on their vacation.Keeler Tavern Museum is a location that people will enjoy. This is a museum that Continue Reading ...