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Map of Monroe, ConnecticutLearning about any of the cities that are in America can be interesting. However, learning about a city that is in a historical state and location like Monroe can be very exciting. The problem is some people will find the history of these places is boring because they never think about the impact they have made. One of those places that people tend to overlook is Monroe Connecticut. By knowing more about the history of this location, though, the more people will see history is valuable and important at the same time.

This is a town that was originally settled by the Native American tribe of the Golden Hill Paugussett Indian Nation. This was going to remain in their hands until they would perform a deed transfer to the English in May of 1656. However, what is interesting is the town itself would not be settled at the time that it was transferred over. Instead, it would be incorporated as part of the town of Stratford, but only on the Southern tip of the town and this is what would make it very interesting because it was not the entire town and it was not on its own as of yet.

In 1671 the town of Stratford would complete the purchase of the rest of the town for the Northern part of the town of Monroe. This purchase would be completed from the same Native American tribe and would lead to the entire town of Monroe being secured as it would help people in getting the town started up.

The town at that time would not be formed as of yet as it would be part of the township of Stratford for the time being. However, the town is a place that was looking to grow, and this would be one of the most interesting aspects of the town.

During this growth, the town would spring up into a community that would help people in getting grow into the bedroom community that people have known it as now. The community would be one that is still considered one of the main bedroom communities that are present in New York City and the local Stamford region. This is the current day community, but even then the community was seen as one that would be growing up to be one of the main communities that would supply the employees for the town of New York.

Living in Monroe Connecticut can be exciting, but for some people, they need to realize it is more than just a community of people that lives their now. In fact, this is a town that used to be controlled by the Native Americans and is bought with some of the purchases of lands that happened almost four hundred years ago. This, in turn, provides quite a historical perspective on the town and makes people feel like they are part of the community. So this, in turn, makes it easier for people to have a sense of belonging in the community.

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