Places To Visit In New Fairfield, CT

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Map of New Fairfield, ConnecticutFairfield is a very good destination choice when planning a trip to Connecticut. The town is brimming with the amenities that make every trip worthwhile and memorable. For instance, there is a variety of high-quality hotels providing not only high-quality accommodation but also affordable accommodation.

However, a trip to New Fairfield cannot be all about the accommodation you have. You should make a point of exploring the town as this will give an opportunity to learn and experience the social and cultural environment of the town.

Herein are some of the must-visit places while in the town of New Fairfield

#1. Squantz Pond State Park – This is a wonderful destination for family afternoon endeavors. It is located in the southwestern part of the Squantz Pond and offers an opportunity for an array of family activities; including fishing, swimming, kayaking, picnicking hiking and boating. The hiking trails are particularly a popular activity for the majority of the visitors; two prominent trails (the yellow trailer and the green trailer) make for an interesting hiking experience.

#2. The Bellarmine Museum of Art – For the tourists that have a liking for art, this is the best venue to explore the classical, Celtic, Asian, Renaissance and medieval artifacts and art. There is a broad collection of painting, sculptures and other items that will interest you.

#3. Lake Mohegan Recreation Area- This is a 163-acre park that is lovely and lively. It contains two lakes, a river, and a waterfall, popularly known as The Cascades. There are many footpaths that line the park making a serene hiking experience. The Park allow dogs to roam unleashed, making it a good destination for families with dog pets.

#4. Jennings Beach – For those looking to hit the beach, Jennings Beach is a very good choice. The beach is clean and large enough to host a huge population. More importantly, it is never crowded regardless of which day you decide to visit the beach.

#5. Rock Climb Fairfield – This facility is located in the “Sportsplex” section of the town. The proprietors of this facility offer indoor climbs, a gym and outdoor activities such as vacation camping and outdoor climbing. There are various programs on offer at this facility designed to fulfill the needs of various individuals. The rates also vary accordingly.

Other places that are of interest to tourists include Fairfield Museum and History Center, Connecticut Audubon Society Center at Fairfield, Ye Yacht Yard, South Benson Marina and Gallery of Contemporary Art.

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