Top Restaurants In Norwalk, CT

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Map of Norwalk, ConnecticutThe town of Norwalk, Connecticut is within a stone’s throw from the New York Metropolitan area and has become a magnet for those visitors who want to explore a more relaxed destination where they can throw off the cares and stress of big city life.

Coastal Norwalk attracts visitors through a combination of spectacular natural beauty and cultural attractions which make any visit any opportunity to learn more about the rich history of the region.However, the town is also building a reputation as something of a gourmet destination with foodies flocking to some excellent eateries that can be found both in and near the town.

Here are some of the best culinary pit stops for those who want to explore fresh and increasingly inventive offerings from Norwalk’s finest dining destinations.

#1 Bar Sugo.

This is a casual dining gem in the city of Norwalk. Located at 102 Wall Street the simple, yet sophisticated Italian inspired food will leave no visitor unsatisfied. The chef’s commitment to using locally sourced farm produce is reflected in a range of exceptional dishes. Any of the dishes produced at Bar Sugo will bring a smile to the face of diners – however, the Prosciutto de Parma and the selection of cheeses will reward the educated palate. Main courses that should not miss include Nonna’s Meatballs and the Steak Tartare (the addition of pickled husk cherries to this dish is a masterful touch).

#2 Basso Cafe.

Basso Cafe, located in an old renovated house at v102 New Canaan Avenue in Norwalk simply oozes charm. From the muted tones and understated lighting and the ambiance supplied from the sounds of soft jazz the diner is immediately put at ease and ready to enjoy the excellent dining options available from the extensive Zagat approved menu. Lovers of exceptional seafood should make a note to enjoy the Sea Scallops, and the ‘Lamb Two Ways’ is a fantastic alternative.

#3 The Blue Cactus Grill.

Visitors staying overnight in Norwalk are advised to start the day right with a breakfast at theĀ  Blue Cactus Grill. This purveyor of exceptional American classic meals can be found at 51 Stevens Street. Especially worthy of special mention is the Southwestern inspired Blue Cactus Burger. This great burger which combines charred jalapeno creamed avocado, and a generous helping of melted American cheese is a taste explosion.

Norwalk is a rewarding destination for foodies, and one would be well advised to set aside a long weekend to explore the many fine dining opportunities provided by this town. Norwalk’s growing reputation for providing a wide variety of different options for enjoying both locally and internationally inspired cuisine must visit for lovers of fine foods.

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