History Of Ridgefield, Connecticut

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Towns on the East Coast are full of quite a bit of history, and that is very true for a town like Ridgefield. However, the town itself is going to be one of the best things for people to know about. Since people may travel for the historical perspective of a town, they should know about the history of Ridgefield and then they will start to see that this is a town they will want to travel to.

The history of Ridgefield starts from the early 1700s as the land for the town was purchased from the Ramapoo Indians in 1708. So it is easy to see this is one of the original towns in the region and is one that a lot of people are going to recognize as being one of the most historical towns for people to enjoy visiting.

The American Revolution would also take place in this region as a famous battle would be held in the region. The Battle of Ridgefield was one that would have a famous, and at the time, a very trusted general named Benedict Arnold. This was one of the few battles that he was going to be seen as the leader of the armies and would be seen as a team player at the time.

Ridgefield was a town that would be able to rely on the different growing that was available in the region as it would spend over two hundred years in getting the plants to grow to the proper level and support the community by the way the crops grew. However, this is not something the community wanted to be known for. Since this was the case, the community started to become an area that was known for fostering the thinking minds of writers.

At this time the town of Ridgefield, the sleeping bedroom community of farms was starting to be discovered by the writers and other leaders in the different aspects of the world. This included some of the best financial leaders in the world, but also some of the leaders of the industrial world as well. Over time the town would also become home to some of the most famed writers in the world. The town has over five Pulitzer Prize winners that have come from the region, but they also have managed to get a Nobel Laureate as well. So this will make it easier for people to see this is a town that has become quite famous.

Discovering the history of a town that is smaller like Ridgefield can be a good thing. This is very true for people who are looking into the history of some of the smaller towns they may have never visited before. By knowing about the history of Ridgefield, it is going to be easy for people to see this is a region that has grown from the smaller agriculture community that it started out as and has become a leading community in the region.

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