Top Restaurants In Shelton, Connecticut

Posted on: December 17, 2016 by in Shelton
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Want to find a great restaurant to eat food and have a lovely time? You will be left bemused when you look at the number of options in front of you.

Shelton is one of those beautiful areas that will mesmerize you not only for the scenery but for the plethora of restaurants that are on offer. You have to figure out which ones are the right fit for you, and this read should assist.

Let’s take a look at the top options for a person to consider whether going with friends or family.

1) IL Palio Restaurant (5 Corporate Dr)

The wine and food are out of this world. It doesn’t matter whether you are rolling in for a quick lunch or hoping to have a great time with the family over dinner. With IL Palio Restaurant, you are getting a location that is immaculate from top to bottom.

You will be left amazed at the quality and attention to detail.

The location is clean, and the waiters are attentive. This is how it should be and for most locals, this has to be among the best restaurants in town.

2) Red Lotus (872 Bridgeport Ave)

Service. Great menu. Fun.

These are the things you will be listing out to those who ask. Red Lotus is a heralded restaurant and one most people put right at the top of their list when coming to Shelton.

This is easily the best Asian restaurant in town, and the experience is exceptional. As soon as you walk through the door, the vibe is great, and you will feel right at home. The service is tremendous, and the food is even better when you dig in.

This is well worth a shot for those who want to have Asian food.

3) Riverdale Diner (521 River Rd)

The Riverdale Diner offers some of the freshest food items you are going to find in all of Shelton.

The service is tremendous, and the people are great. You will have a lovely time with family or friends when you are at this location. Give it a shot, and you might not want to leave!

These are the top restaurants on offer in Shelton as of right now. They are amazing not only because of the food but the package as a whole. You can enjoy the setting and experience, which is a big part of going to any restaurant.

Shelton is home to these three excellent establishments, and you should be putting all of them on your list.

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